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Lindsay Schacht, Customer, ID Theft Protection

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IDtheftSmart credit monitoring service

Free for the first 3 months of coverage, and only $10 per social security number after 3 month trial!

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Credit monitoring is an important component of the three security pillars:

  • PROTECTION – Allows you to identify inaccuracies that could alert you to a potential ID Theft.

DETECTION – Daily alerts if any activity is detected or a monthly monitoring alert letting you know nothing has changed.

RESTORATION – An advocate will work on your behalf until all identity theft issues are resolved.

Early detection is key in fighting off any potential cases of identity fraud!


You will be notified immediately if any of the following activities is reported on your credit:

  • New account openings
  • Credit Inquiries
  • Payment Delinquencies
  • Public record changes
  • Change of address

If Suspicious Activity is Detected

If any inaccuracies are reported you will be paired with a professional and highly trained advocate to act on your behalf in order to resolve any and all issues with your credit score. Credit monitoring can save you valuable time and the frustration that can follow.

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